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Paôy Pêt | Kamboja

Poipet (officially Paôy Paêt) is a Cambodian boomtown on the Cambodia/Thailand border, in Ou Chrov district, Banteay Meanchey Province. It is a key crossing point between the two countries, and also extremely popular as a gambling destination as gamb..    Wikipedia.org
Informasi Rinci
Kota Utama:Paôy Pêt
Kota Terkait:Sisŏphŏn
Sekitarnya:Kampong Svay, Ou Ambel, Paoy Paet
Zona Waktu:Waktu Indochina
Waktu Setempat:Sunday 16.37
Kode Area Terkait:364243525355

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